Nitro Ring & Pinions

NITRO RING & PINIONS - For vehicles of yesterday and today


Nitro Ring & Pinions are among the best in the industry.  By using better materials, machining, heat treating and lapping processes, Nitro can ensure a strong, quiet-running, long-lasting setup.  Every new application is put through multi-point inspections and actually installed and set up by Nitro's in-house differential experts to ensure excellent fitment and easy setup.  At Nitro we strive to meet consumer demand for new ratios and applications, and we are continually developing new products to stay ahead of the competition.

• Precision machining & heat treating processes ensure strength and excellent fitment.

• Computer controlled fine gear lapping ensures ease of installation, excellent contact patterns and a quiet-running setup.

• Rapidly growing application range to meet new demands

• Street or strip, track or trail - you can depend on Nitro!


Nitro strives to stay at the forefront of the industry by offering gears for nearly all current model vehicles.  Click here to see new product releases.