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Nitro 8620 and 9310 alloy steel ring & pinion gear sets:
Nitro gears are among the best in the industry. By using better materials, better machining and better lapping and heat treating processes, Nitro can ensure a strong, quiet-running, long-lasting setup. Each new product is subjected to multi-point inspections and then actually installed and set up by Nitro's own in-house differential experts to ensure excellent fitment and easy setup. At Nitro we strive to meet our consumers demands for new ratios and applications and we are continually developing new products to stay ahead of the competition.

• CNC precision machining & heat treating processes ensure excellent fitment and overall strength.
• Computer controlled gear lapping ensures excellent contact patterns, ease of installation and quiet-running setup.
• We have a rapid and ever growing range of products to meet new demands and applications.

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